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The MyBabyposter brand ambassador program

As a MyBabyposter influencer, you have the unique opportunity to become a brand ambassador for our brand.

You will help us achieve our vision of giving as many parents as possible throughout Germany and Europe an unforgettable memory of the birth of their own child. Get access to current promotions, be the first to know about new products and benefit from an attractive remuneration model.

You have an Instagram account with more than 2,000 followers and exclusive content that suits us. Then apply now and become part of our community of over 300 brand ambassadors::

In three easy steps to become a MyBabyposter - brand ambassador

1. Program Application

Apply in just 3 minutes and we will review your profile within 24 hours. You will then become part of our community.

2. Share our vision

Create content, inspire your followers and help us bring a personalized baby poster to every household.

3. Receive compensation

With your personal discount code you will receive an attractive payment for every poster sold.

Why you should become part of our community

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