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The most popular baby names in Germany in 2021

A contribution from our employee Lilli Möller

Vater mit Baby im Arm One of the most important tasks of expectant parents is to find a suitable first name for their offspring. Your baby will hear his name around 35 times a day on average and will have a significant impact on his life. This is why it is often not so easy for many parents to decide on a name before the birth. Tastes are very different. Nevertheless, there are names every year that convince many new parents. These names make it into the TOP 10 most popular baby names every year. For 2019 these were the following in Germany:

Top 10 Baby Girl Namesn Top 10 Baby Boy Namesn
1.Emma 1. ben
2. Emilia 2. max
3. Hanna/Hannah 3. Finn/Fynn
4. billion 4.Leon
5. Sophia/Sofia 5. Jonah
6. Lina 6. Noah
7. Mila 7. Elijah
8. Marie 8. Felix
9. Ella 9. Luis/Louis
10. Leah 10. Henri/Henry
The winning medals for the most popular baby names in 2019 again go to Ben and Emma. Ben is number 1 for the ninth time; Emma also for the fourth time since 2014. Ben is also the undisputed number one in the boys' top 10. For the girls, Emma won the race only just ahead of Emilia and Hanna.

North-South movement in fashion names

Within Germany there are local differences in the popularity of baby names. In Bavaria, traditional names such as Andreas and Michael are still chosen for the offspring, which have long been out of fashion in other federal states. There is another special feature in Saxony: the popularity of the name Kurt. This hardly appears in other federal states, in Saxony it is one of the most common baby names. In northern Germany, on the other hand, Fiete is extremely popular. Name researchers suspect that it will also occur more frequently in the south in the next few years. Experts speak of a north-south movement in fashion names..

Social events or new up-and-coming artists can also play a role in choosing baby names. Nevertheless, for example, the names Archie (son of Prince Harry and his wife Meghan) or Rezo (famous YouTuber) were not chosen above average last year.

Prediction for 2020: Which names will be the winners?

Name analysts are already making the first forecasts for the current year 2020. Will the 2019 favorites continue to be popular? The first projections are that Ben, Hanna, Paul and Emma will continue to gain in popularity. In general, it can be said that Scandinavian and American first names are in vogue. The most popular initials have been L and M as a whole for years. On the other hand, there are also parents who are looking for a first name that is as unique as possible for their baby. That is why there is also another trend movement of reinventing names by combining already established names, such as Maline, Lenia, Jalisa or Leonela.eonela.

Differences between girls names and boys names

The Society for German Language analyzes the assignment of baby names in detail and has made an interesting finding: boy names are currently often monosyllabic. When it comes to girls' names, there isn't a single monosyllable even in the top 100. There is also a trend towards more middle names for both genders. Since 1977, the Society for the German Language has published an overview of the names most commonly given to newborns. This is based on the data of the German registry offices. The biggest loser names in recent years are as follows:
Girls: Alina, Angelina, Celina, Julia, Lara, Laura, Lena, Leonie, Lisa and Sarah.
Boys: Jason, Julian, Justin, Kevin, Luca, Marvin, Nico, Nils and Tim.

Capture the baby's name on birth posters

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